Decormec is a company committed to the environment and sustainable development. We strive daily to develop state-of-the-art technology, with continuous innovation being our commitment to the environment in the machine business unit, and design with ecofriendly paintings in the decoration unit.

We highly recommend our customers the use of glass containers, given the nobility of its properties:

• 100% recyclable

• High chemical and mechanical resistance which guarantees greater preservation of food and prevents contamination

• Rigid and resistant

• The glass container is inert, hygienic, does not interfere with the flavor of food and beverages or the composition of perfumes and medicines, thus guaranteeing the original quality of its contents

• It is neutral in relation to the product that it packs, it does not maintain any chemical interaction with its content and can store any product for its entire useful life

• It does not allow the transfer of oxygen or carbon dioxide, therefore, it does not alter the color or flavor of the contents of the container. Nothing goes through the glass or escapes from the container

• The inertia of the glass also makes it possible for products packed with this material to have longer validity periods than other materials

• The same happens when it is discarded, the glass container resists the aggression of substances and does not degrade in the environment

• Contribute to 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle