Automatic colour coating machine by spray system. UV system and pre-treatment module for glass


• Electronic board, PLC and touch screen panel.
• Protection enclosure windows and doors complying CE standards.
• Air board: triple air filter.
• Pre-treatment cabin: air-gas flamer.
• Optional: Silane applicator equipment.
• Painting cabin: 4 conventional guns , 2 system pumps; with the option to add more spray guns and pumps.
• Exhaust system with double filter (Water curtain and dry filter).
• Pre-heating cabin for flash off time with inspection window for quality control.
• Oven: 100C 220C Automatic temperature control.
• Cooling fans with air filter.
• Optional: cold coating system after painting (Polyethylene).
• Machine accessories for different articles.
• No article, No print system.
• Easy operation and low cost maintenance.